No Clash of Clans is not another town building game; it is not either about conflict of groups. So what is the plot and what are the elements that makes it different from other Freemium games? Yes, there are a few town building aspects, but the game is about building a stronghold to get the throne. It is a game where you need to collect every kind of resource making the best clan which could battle with every unit. The game is about strategy, but this will not bore you because there are tons of things you could do with the gameplay. You can likewise modify clash of clans hack, to make the game more interesting and popular. For clash of clans hack, you need to follow a few strategies, which are listed below.

Search for matches at an early stage

After developing a good unit, base, training, and right after the initial 72 hours Shield that guards you from assault, you can begin matchmaking. This is the fastest, as well as the best way to collect assets for your village. When you begin matchmaking in the initial stage, your competitors will not have a lot of protection or a higher level stage Town hall, so you must not have much problems with the success. Keeping some gold has always been necessary as you can skip any troubling or unlikable match through the gold.

Some more Tips

  • Have an understanding of attacks as well as the moves of every unit
  • Archers and Barbarians focus on targeting the closest unit.
  • Goblins focus on attacking their closest resource building
  • The closest defensive structure of giants is not safe either; mortars and archers
  • The wall breaks focus on blocking the path of the nearest wall
  • Defensive structure is also affected by wizards and balloons
  • Healers as the name suggest, their health the closest damaged unit
  • PEKKAs, Valikyries, and dragons always target nearest building, defensive stance, or nearest unit
  • Now you know how the understanding of every unit; keep in mind that every unit ignore walls; however, this doesn’t imply to wall breakers.

Bottom Line

Don’t forget to maximize each and every thing when you plan to move to a higher town hall. Clash castle should always be placed in the center of the base. Clash of clans is a strategic kind of roleplay game; just like the game of thrones. Please note that clash of clans hack never disappoint the gameplay; you need to understand the tips to make it more charismatic and jovial.